Imagine waking up as the sun is rising, to the sound of waves crashing and birds singing, wandering over to our shala and rolling out your yoga mat, as a warm breeze sweeps over the body. That´s how we start every morning here at LUST Yoga & Surf Villa!

Yoga in the tropics is a truly special experience. Practicing in our beautiful wooden shala, surrounded by nature, is the perfect way to reconnect with the mind and body. Whether you're a curious beginner, just discovered yoga or an experienced practitioner, each class is designed to be accessible to all.

As well as our daily Vinyasa, and tri-weekly Yin classes, we host gifted teachers in other disciplines, like acro-yoga, sound healing and thai massage.

We also offer private yoga classes for up to four people, available on request either here in our shala or, if you prefer, at your hotel/villa.

Vinyasa Flow

Every morning at 7.30am we start the day with a Vinyasa Flow session. This class is open to those staying with us and anyone else who wants to join.

Each class starts with pranayama, a breathing exercise which teaches breath control, and helps us get the most out of our practice. After a warm up sequence, we go into asana practice, a variation of flow and static poses.

At the end of the class we focus on slower, longer stretching, before ending the class in savasana.

Surfers Yoga

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 4.30pm we do Surfers Yoga - a Yin oriented session with focus on stretching. This class is open to guests who are staying with us and anyone else who would like to join. Please let us know by 1pm on the day of the class if you would like to join. To book your spot, you can come in and see us, email, or DM us on Instagram.

Surfers Yoga class is perfect for improving focus and balance, and stretching those sore surfer muscles!  This class is a mix of Yin and Vinyasa Flow, focussed on stretching and longer poses.

We start the class with a warm up sequence and slowly work our stretching through the whole body. We finish with breath work and meditation, before ending in a relaxing savasana.

Our Classes

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, intermediate or experienced yogi - our classes are open to and accessible for all!

Classes are 1,500 LKR for those not staying with us at the villa. LUST Yoga & Surf Villa guests receive a discounted rate.

Multi-class passes are available.

Please contact us for prices and bookings at

LUST are delighted to be hosting a truly special Yoga retreat this March!

Click here for more details, or visit Ananda Vibes.