Yoga practice in our yoga shala by the pool

Yoga classes at our villa in Ahangama

Imagine waking up as the sun is rising, to the sound of waves crashing at a nearby beach and birds singing in the jungle. You will wander over to our shala and roll out your yoga mat. A warm breeze sweeps over your body as you begin your morning practice. This is how we start our days at Lust!

Yoga in the tropics is a truly special experience. Practicing in our beautiful wooden shala set up in a jungle is the perfect way to reconnect with your body and mind. Whether you are a curious beginner, have just discovered yoga, or an experienced practitioner, our yoga classes will be suitable for you. Our yoga classes are led by certified yoga instructors and cater to different styles and abilities. Check with us on the yoga schedule to find out who is teaching when.

All our guests get a special rates for yoga classes. Drop-ins are welcome too!

Post-yoga vegan breakfast for a healthy start of the day

Yoga and vegan breakfast deal

We practice Vinyasa every morning at 7.30. Our classes are led by different teachers, each with their own individual style. We provide yoga mats, blocks, blankets and straps, so you can have a full, holistic experience. Please inform the teacher if you have any injuries or health problems. We want to make sure that your practice will be as comfortable and safe as possible.

Classes are 1,500 LKR for those not staying with us at the villa. Multi-class passes are also available- please get in touch to receive more information.

After class we start breakfast, so there is something to look forward to during the practice. Yoga classes drop-ins are welcome to stay for our vegan breakfast- get the combo Yoga + Breakfast and all day pool access for 2,500 LKR only.

Please contact us for bookings at

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga classes at Lust for all levels

Every morning at 7.30am we start the day with a Vinyasa Flow session. This class is open to those staying with us and anyone else who wants to join.

We have different teachers teaching each morning. Each class starts with a warm up sequence before we go into asana practice, a variation of flow and static poses.

At the end of the class we focus on slower, longer stretching, before ending the class in savasana.

Each class is 75 minutes long.

Evening Yin

Evening yin yoga class at Lust in Ahangama, Sri Lanka

A couple of evenings a week we hold a yin yoga class that starts right after sunset, at 6.45 PM. 

Yin yoga is a gentle, floor-based practice with long holds that focuses on deep stretches. It is perfect for surfers as a restorative practice after a long day in the water. Also it is suitable for those feeling a bit "stiff", who would like to work on gaining more flexibility.

We practice in our yoga shala, surrounded by soft candle lights and accompanied by sounds of crickets. It is a truly special experience that will surely enhance your stay in Sri Lanka.

Private Classes

Practice yoga at Lust with different teachers

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, intermediate or an experienced yogi - our classes are open to and accessible for all! But if you prefer to practice individually, we offer private yoga lessons.

We will adjust yoga sequences to your abilities and needs. We will focus on certain areas of your body that need special attention; or we will work on certain poses that you always wanted to do but never had a chance to practice.

Private yoga classes can be either held at our yoga shala at LUST, or at your hotel or accommodation. Yogis choice.

Please contact us to make your inquiry.