Vegan Breakfast

Sweet and savoury vegan breakfast at Lust in Ahangama, Sri Lanka

Best vegan breakfast in the south of Sri Lanka

We are all about fresh, locally sourced ingredients- and there is an abundance of amazing fruits and veggies in Sri Lanka! We work with local fruit and veggie stalls to get the best, the freshest and the healthiest produce first thing in the morning. If you want, we can introduce you to our favourite fruit man, who has already become an icon among Lust guest.

Our breakfast is plant-based, freshly made for you every morning. We cater for guests with different dietary requirements- no matter if you’re gluten intolerant or have a strict vegan diet, we will prepare a delicious meal that is just right.

All our breakfast options come with freshly-squeezed fruit juice, selection of seasonal fruit and tea (black or green) or (good) coffee. Breakfast starts right after the morning yoga practice, around 9 am.

Our menu consists of both sweet and savoury options. Explore different dishes every day of your stay!

Delicious vegan breakfast in our garden

Sweet or savoury vegan breakfast?

Our newest addition to the menu, the savoury pancake, has already become a hit. It’s made from gluten free flour and filled with tomatoes, cauliflower or mushrooms and local watercress, gotu kola. We also make our own gluten free bread-  it’s packed with good proteins and served with tofu spread, olive tapenade and a selection of fresh veggies. 

For the ones with a sweet tooth we have gluten free pancakes served with fresh seasonal fruit, fried bananas and toasted coconut. Our coconut porridge is so rich and filling, that it will keep you full until late lunch! It’s vegan, made with coconut milk, fresh fruits, seeds and shredded coconut.

If you wanna get a taste of local Sri Lankan delicacies, try buffalo curd with fruits, homemade cardamom granola and treacle (coconut honey). It’s heavenly creamy and rich, made 100% with buffalo milk that is hard to come by outside of the Island. We also make filling chia pudding- try different flavours, chocolate, vanilla or coconut- topped with fresh fruit.

Vegan breakfast in the garden

Vegan breakfast in beautiful surroundings

Our vegan restaurant is open for breakfast from 9 to 11 am daily. Come enjoy a nutritious meal in our beautiful garden or in the communal dining room. We aim at creating a family atmosphere where everybody feels welcome. The breakfast vibe is chilled and the pace is slow. You’ll leave the place relaxed, full and happy, ready to explore the beautiful Sri Lankan south coast.

Locally sourced ingredients

Best vegan breakfast in Sri Lanka

Most of the ingredients we use to prepare our home-made vegan breakfast come from local markets and shops. The abundance of fresh, juicy fruits and locally-grown vegetables in Sri Lanka is incredible! And our menu is based primarily on those fresh produce, plus on beans (yes, we love beans and use different kinds to make bread and pancakes!) and grains. We try to support our neighbourly fruit and veggie stalls and corner shops. 

Yoga and vegan breakfast

Vegan breakfast made with fresh, local ingredients

If you want to have the full LUST experience, combine our morning yoga with a vegan breakfast. We practice daily at 7.30 in a yoga shala by the pool, surrounded by lush green jungle. Afterwards we gather in our lovely garden to indulge in the vegan goodness. There is no better way to start the day, trust us!