Indulge yourself in a vegan breakfast feast
Dinning room with our home-made wooden furniture
Vegan chia pudding with fresh seasonal fruits
Vegan breakfast feast served at Lust every morning between 9 and 11 am
Vegan, gluten free bread - have a savoury vegan breakfast at Lust
Vegan pancakes with fresh seasonal fruit
Vegan pancakes - sweet vegan breakfast at Lust
Coconut porridge with fresh fruit for breakfast
Padma - a crucial part of our Lust team, always with a big smile
Yoga classes for every level at Lust in Ahangama
Yoga classes in our yoga shala every morning at 7.30
Daily yoga classes led be experienced teachers
Yoga class at Lust - every morning at 7.30 am
Hand-made, locally sourced decoration in one of our rooms
Reception desk at Lust
Double room at Lust in Ahangama
Our villa and red bamboo
Relax by the pool surrounded by beautiful jungle
Bananas - they grow everywhere is Sri Lanka!
Enjoy a fresh fruit juice made out of local tropical fruits
Jackfruit- find it at a local market and eat it in a curry
Tropical green leaves in our garden
Nalu - another dog at Lust. Cute and cuddly
Mazda - our girl dog at Lust. Give her a bit of time as she is shy
Tiggy - one of our Lust doggies. You'll find him guarding the gate
Lust team - we can't wait to welcome you in our home!